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TJ09Posted By: TJ09
Date: 08.31.07
Subject: Ragnarok NPCs
I just uploaded a batch of Ragnarok Online NPCs, meaning there are now 22 pages of RO sprites. Dang, that's a lot, good thing there's filters.
TJ09Posted By: TJ09
Date: 04.14.07
Subject: Oops Again
Protected custom sprites are now more secure. Before, anyone could look at the URL and figure out that if you take the p out of pimages, it'll send you to the nonprotected version. Not anymore, all protected sprites are watermarked in a way that's non-intrusive but still hard to remove.
TJ09Posted By: TJ09
Date: 03.25.07
Subject: Oops
Protected custom sprites will now display. I forgot to rename the font file that was needed to write "protected" on the images so that the server could find it.

Also, I'm working on making the error page "smarter," so that when a user comes in from a link to the old page structure it'll try to send them to the correct page.
TJ09Posted By: TJ09
Date: 03.20.07
Subject: Filtration System
On pages that have more than 1 page (> 40 sprites), you should notice that the filter feature appears. You can select from the different types of sprites as well as choose a specific letter (and don't worry, it'll only show letters that there are sprites for)
TJ09Posted By: TJ09
Date: 12.09.06
Subject: Pixelation Renovation
P.I.X.E.L.A.T.I.O.N. has been revived and revamped. The entire site's backend has been rewritten to accommodate the HUGE influx of new Ragnarok Online sprites that came in.